Morgan Firmware update coming

Morgan 0 has been doing a lot of printing recently.  I have noticed a slight problem with some of the higher prints, to do with bed levelling.  Due to the fact that the arms will flex a bit at longer distances from the shaft, the bed is levelled tilted slightly to the front of the machine.  For the prints I have been doing to date, this has no consequence, but it does skew the print ever so slightly.

In the interest of perfection I have embarked on a quest to remove this problem, and the released files have stronger arms, that will resist the sag.  It just occurred to me that there is something more that can be done, and I started with incorporating automatic bed level correction in the firmware.  It look very promising, and will effectively negate any inconsistencies in the arm movements.  Bed levelling will now be a two step process, in which the bed is levelled to be squared to the linear rails, and then using a simple levelling routine, program the offset.

It is lookup table based in order to save processor time during printing, and it will be saved to the EEPROM on the Mega using M500

More details later.

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