Mechanical adjustments on Morgan Mega

Morgan Mega is as the name implies a very large machine.  As such it needs routine mechanical adjustment to the bed transport to make sure everything keeps moving correctly.

Fasten slider screws

Make sure that all the slider bearing screws are tightened properly.  You will need:

  1. 7mm wrench
  2. 3mm Allen(hex) driver

The screws should be hand tight as to not allow movement, but not to the point where the bearings tighten and restrict movement.

Adjust bearing tension

Using a 10mm wrench, turn the eccentric spacers on the bearings until they have enough tension so that it grabs on the rail when turned.  Do not over tighten as this will add friction to the rail, and in the case of the bed carrying arms, could lift the lower bearings out of their rails when the load on the bed is reduced.  Do this on all the bearings on eccentrics on the z-axis.

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