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  1. A great feature of the Morgan is that the extruder motor is separated from the SCARA arm. That allows for an additional print head without much penalty.

    What features did you decide to incorporate?

    1. Lilian will be true to the Morgan name in that all motors will remain off the arms.

      On Lilian all motors and electronics (with the possible exception of the extruder(s) will be optionally hidden from view, and while not default at first, multiple extruders will be an easy printable upgrade. I’ll put the option in the firmware from the start.

      Wish I had time to just sit and complete it in one go… But as you may have noticed, I think I work best when taking the time for the design to come to me over time.


      1. I’ve found a similar thing myself. The shorter the design process the poorer the result.

        Housing all the electronics/motors in printed material would look pretty neat. It would also increase the printed-material-to-vitamin ratio for the Uplift prize (last I checked 90% of the volume had to be printed!).

  2. I have the wood for 2 platforms. Originally I was going to clamp them together and make 2 Morgan platforms. Will I be happier if I wait on the second platform until the Lilian is released?

    1. I am going to make it backwards compatible with most of the current vitamins, so you should be able to use your Morgan platforms with only slight modifications. The idea is that you could “upgrade” your Thomas to a Lilian if you wanted to, but most of us will build Lilian as a second machine.

      Two machines are so much better than having to keep an outdated set of spare parts in a shoebox…

  3. Hi Quentin,

    I don’t recall having seen any photos of Lilian – is she camera shy?
    Curious to see the results. Highlight the differences between.

  4. Hello! New to the 3d printing world, excited to see how the lillian comes, trying to decide on my first printer, and as a cheap high schooler this project looks great!

  5. Hello Quentin,

    I must first tip my hat to you good sir. The Morgan looks amazing and I can’t wait to start this journey to build it but I wanted to hear a few things directly from you before I start especially considering the time crunch I’m under. You see on Arduino day3D Hubs posted a promotional Code and I thought this would be a great chance to reduce some of my expenses but I have to get all my printing done by April 11th.

    I wanted to know if the Morgan prints with PLA or ABS or because it is so customizable I can get different heads which would allow me to do both?

    I also know you should never ask for an ETA so I will not. Instead if you were in my shoes would you start creating a Morgan now and Mod it later to become a Lilian? Will you have a conversation guide for this process?

    Lastly I would like to apologies for posting this question here I couldn’t find a section in the reprap forums for this particular model nor could I find if you had a forum where these kinds of question could be answered. Lilian is such a beautiful name by the way.

    Thanks in Advance I hope to hear back from you soon.

    1. Thomas would be hard to convert straight into Lilian, because the way the driveshafts work will be completely different. My suggestion would be to build the proven Thomas Morgan now, and later build yourself a lilian. You can always move the motors and electronics (the only expensive bits) over to the new machine if you don’t want to have two machines.

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