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  1. Look awesome, funny thing was that I had a similar idea last night when I was trying to sleep thought about making a 3d printer with a arm like yours. Do you have a email address where I can ask you some questions?

  2. Thanks! The coolest thing about this project is that it is currently on my desk

    Will keep you posted on the design. Meld is a wonderful tool…


  3. A very intriguing project at least! πŸ™‚ First of all the idea is very elegant – strong and simple. The most sexy thing in DIY aesthetics since Mendel90 πŸ™‚ Looks cheap to build and easy to maintenance (no belt tensioning issues, nr1) – it has a big chance live up to the idea you described in “About”. Im a little bit concerned about the speed though. I’m looking forward to printing tests and keeping my fingers crossed for the project! I already can see a gallery of all the freaky Morgan versions built with stools, tables, chairs, brooms, etc. πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks! I didn’t go for sexy, but it turned out ok πŸ˜‰

      What about the speed concerns you? It can move very slowly, and also too fast…
      Scara also appears to be moving a lot slower than Cartesian for a comparative (same speed) movement.

      I am thinking of creating a forum where Morgan owners can register, and get a Morgan “Serial number” no matter where you get it from. I will also give spacial serial numbers for systems that have Morgan mothers…

  4. Hi Quentin! As for speed, I ment high speed, for example 140 mm/s or even ultra fast like you can achieve on an Ultimaker – around 200 mm/s (that is of course without print quality loss). And my concern was, how fast could it go with good quality and how the construction will take it (my Prusa totaly shakes on small infill don at 80 mm/s) – but that is for print tests to verify:)

    I’m not sure if I got that right – for same speeds cartesian and scara end up in different movement speeds? How is that possible?

    1. Same speeds, but it just seems slower. I think it has to do with the way the angles translate into the speed of the tip. We tend to see the arm rather than looking the hot-end.
      When I start printing, I will give a more detailed report of the capabilities. Morgan is still very much a work in progress, and I am changing things as I build…

    1. I am working on the SCAD code for a github release. Give me a week or two though, as my code base is very much in flux at the moment. It needs to be tidied and stripped of failed components first.
      Primary goal is to get Morgan 0 printing something…

  5. Wonderfull project!! im waiting for frist print!
    Thanks for sharing code i want try port your code on grbl or cut it for arduino uno(now is too much big).
    I want take portable XY laser engraver with your arm system!

  6. Very nice looking, but cartesian robots have uniform dx/dy of the end effector throughout the workspace, with respect to the motor steps. For SCARA, dx/dy per step can vary depending on your radius. What kind of x/y resolution do you expect to have at full arm extension?

    1. Hi David,
      Yes I know about the non uniformity…

      The goal is not to build a machine that performs like a Cartesian bot. The goal is to build a SCARA bot with similar specification at a much lower cost.
      The resolution also depends on the angles of the arms. Models will have the most uniform resolution right in the center of the build plate.

      More about that later!

  7. ran across your project by accident … the concept makes sense to me … i am late to the 3d printing , just ordered the Printrbot LC to get started … good luck

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