How to repair SD corruption

Mobile storage systems are sensitive, and SD is no exception. It is convenient and affordable, with reasonable reliability, but interrupt a write cycle and you have a problem. 

To check, running M503 on the console should give you the config of the system. If the config is intact is should include a line containing M665. 

To prevent trouble:

  • Always eject the Morgan storage before disconnecting the USB. Modern operating system can buffer writes in order to give the user a smoother experience. Ejecting will flush the buffer first. 
  • Try not to upload files to Morgan while it is printing. Strictly speaking it should not create problems, but keeping the processor busy can cause exceptions

How to repair:

  1. Turn Morgan off, disconnect USB and battery power if present. The status lights should be off
  2. Remove the SD card from the Electronics under the machine. It is not necessary to remove the cover plate, the card is accessible on the same side as the USB connection on the board. 
  3. Insert the SD card into a PC. You may need an adaptor. In many cases the SD card is still readable this way. Copy the contents into a folder on the PC
  4. Format the SD card. Use the FAT standard. If the PC cannot format it, a photo camera can do it. 
  5. Restore the files to the card. You may need your backups if the SD card was not readable. 
  6. Reinsert the SD card and reconnect. Your machine should be back in action. 
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