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    Quentin Harley

    You can after homing turn off the motors in pronterface, and manually move the arms to the home position for an approximation of the morgan movements

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    Quentin Harley

    Hi Pyro,

    I should really spend more time here I see.

    Mega is basically a scaled up Morgan Pro. The source for it is not available yet since it is a commercial product now, and will be released at a later stage in the same way Ultimaker releases the plans after a certain time.

    The current Mega is lasercut – it will be hard to print the large pieces required. The arms are 280mm from center to center, and the drive wheels are scaled to match.

    Mega is an impressive machine, but I would say not a prime candidate for a first build.

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    Quentin Harley

    You can fool the firmware in believing that it homed by quickly after issuing the home command (G28) shorting x-max, y-max z-max in quick succession.

    The firmware will believe it has homed.

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    Quentin Harley

    @arnob7 Welcome to Morgan. Looks like you are well on your way to build yours! Always makes me smile when I see a freshly printed set of Morgan parts 😉

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    Quentin Harley

    @pyro139 Yes, it will work, but know that the RAMPS electronics does not have quite the processing power Smoothie has, and the firmware might be a little old.

    Another builder here actually managed to get his Morgan running on RAMPS with the latest Marlin. I will ask him for this.

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    Quentin Harley

    I would recommend a nozzle with a single point to make the math work out. Chimera would be an option – just make sure you understand the caveat of that hotend – you cannot ever run it without filament in all its feeding tubes.

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    Quentin Harley

    No, it does not. In fact, I recently moved to using the smoothieboard. It is a 32bit arm coretex m3 based board.

    If you possibly can, try to get a smoothieware compatible board.

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    Quentin Harley

    Here is a link…
    Assembly Guide

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    Quentin Harley

    Hi pyro139,
    Have you looked at the BOM on the Morgan assembly page? On that page you will also find a link to the reprapmagazine that features a step by step graphical assemby instruction of the classic Morgan.

    Let me know if this helps.

    in reply to: Sample Smoothie Config #6035
    Quentin Harley

    Hi Blaze,

    Make sure you have the right pins configured at the endstops. There is a Azteeg config demo config. Start from that.

    Additionally make sure you add/superimpose the following to the config (Take care about the correct pins for Azteeg – this is from smoothieboard):

    # Arm solution configuration : SCARA robot. Translates mm positions into stepper positions
    arm_solution                                 morgan           # selects the morgan arm solution
    alpha_steps_per_mm                           553.54           # Steps per mm for alpha stepper
    beta_steps_per_mm                            553.54           # Steps per mm for beta stepper
    gamma_steps_per_mm                           417.32           # Steps per mm for gamma stepper
    arm1_length                                  150              # this is the length of an arm1 (inner) from hinge to hinge
    arm2_length                                  150              # this is the length of an arm2 (outer) from hinge to hinge
    morgan_offset_x                              190.0            # tower offset from bed 0:0 default 100.0
    morgan_offset_y                              -60.0            # tower offset from bed 0:0 default -65.0
    morgan_undefined_min                          0.95             # Defines undefined SCARA ratio: default 0.95
    scara_homing     true
    # optional SCARAcal (highly recommended for Morgan)
    scaracal.enable                              true
    scaracal.slow_feedrate                       20              # slow enough not to slip, fast enough not to frustrate the user

    and also the following for the probing:

    # optional Z probe
    zprobe.enable                                true           # set to true to enable a zprobe
    zprobe.probe_pin                             1.28!^          # pin probe is attached to if NC remove the !
    zprobe.slow_feedrate                         5               # mm/sec probe feed rate
    #zprobe.debounce_count                       100             # set if noisy
    zprobe.fast_feedrate                         100             # move feedrate mm/sec
    zprobe.probe_height                          10               # how much above bed to start probe
    gamma_min_endstop                           nc              # normally 1.28. Change to nc to prevent conflict,
    # associated with zprobe the leveling strategy to use
    leveling-strategy.ZGrid-leveling.enable         true          # enable map level
    leveling-strategy.ZGrid-leveling.bed_x          380
    leveling-strategy.ZGrid-leveling.bed_y          220
    leveling-strategy.ZGrid-leveling.bed_z          200
    leveling-strategy.ZGrid-leveling.slow_feedrate  100
    leveling-strategy.ZGrid-leveling.probe_offsets  0,0,14.5      # the probe offsets from nozzle, must be x,y,z, default is no offset
    leveling-strategy.ZGrid-leveling.wait_for_probe true          # Makes system wait for probe confirmation   
    leveling-strategy.ZGrid-leveling.rows           7             # X divisions (Default 5)
    leveling-strategy.ZGrid-leveling.cols           5             # Y divisions (Default 5)
    in reply to: Triangular notches in the support arms – why? #6033
    Quentin Harley

    Nothing wrong, except that you need to cut a notch in the cornet for the wheels to stick through. Your wheels are too small to have a decent resolution on head movement. Other than that it seems good.

    in reply to: Building a morgan! #6032
    Quentin Harley

    Cool looking Theta wheel!

    Quentin Harley

    Movement on Morgan is inverted when viewed from the front.

    X+ goes left, Y+ comes towards you.

    Z+ as you rightly stated brings the bed down (to increase the nozzle height)

    It helps to place the morgan with the back facing you, but humans are amazingly adaptable. I suggest just learning to operate the controls in reverse.

    in reply to: Extent of arm travel? #6030
    Quentin Harley

    Morgan baseplate is approximately 40x50cm in size.

    The arms however can reach much further. The arm segments are 150mm long and can reach 280mm from the tower without trouble.

    Morgan Pro comes with a 380×220 semicircular bed. It capitalizes on the reach to make the machine essentially print “outside the box”

    The elbows stay within the frame by design, but this can be changed. Nothing prevents you from making the arms longer.

    Quentin Harley

    Very handy comments. Thank you!

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