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      Please help, I have built the morgan, It prints great except when I print a round part I set at 25mm od and 22mm id the part comes out 25.78 od in x and 25.32 in y. the id comes out 21.45 and 21.86. I have changed the scaling with no luck. I can’t get it to print round. I hope someone can help

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      Quentin Harley

      This happens when:
      – The Theta and Psi wheels are not printed completely round
      – The Theta and Psi wheels are not the same size
      – The arm segments are not exactly 150mm (or whatever you set in the firmware setup)

      In selfbuilt systems you can get combinations of the above…

      There is a calibration procedure with a special model that you print, and a spreadsheet can assist with the settings. I will update it this week and add it to the Morgan site probably this weekend.

      Will let you know when it is up.

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