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About Morgan

Morgan is all about a dream.  A dream to make it easy for anyone in South Africa, or anywhere else in the world to build a 3D printer without needing exceedingly expensive materials, hard to find components, stuff that has to be shipped at sometimes ...


Reprap Morgan developed with the backing of the Open Hardware community.


More Info Our dedicated staff are here to help. Phone: +27 12 004 1883 Email: Business Hours: 8am–5pm M-F Need Support? Our support teams are always available and will get you going in no time. Use the support tab in the ...

Donor Wall

When I set out to build a 3D printer, I could not afford the kits at the time.  Two years later I spent a magnitude more than one of those kits, in hardware, filament, electronic components, motors, etc.  And I am giving you the design for free, because s...



How to repair SD corruption

Mobile storage systems are sensitive, and SD is no exception. It is convenient and affordable, with reasonable reliability, but interrupt a write cycle and you have a problem.  To check, running M503 on the console should give you the config of...

Morgan Customer Support

Need help? Check out the FAQ section below.  If you cannot find your answer there, please contact our support team using the interface below. When opening a support ticket we will need the following information: Your Morgan Serial number ...

Morgan Printer profiles for Simplify3D

The latest Morgan Profiles are always in our profile dropbox: Morgan Profiles To import this profile for your Morgan printer please go to File-->Import FFF Profile then from there, click "Edit Process Settings" and select the profile.   From...

Morgan Start-up and Calibration Guide

NOTE:  This guide is for self built Morgans based on Marlin and RAMPS electronics only.  For commercial Morgans, or machines built using Smoothieware compatible electronics, please look under the "Support" menu dropdown. This is the Morgan c...

Firmware updates

Check your version To find the current firmware version you can do one of the  following:  Look at the date of the file FIRMWARE.CUR The date is the compile date of the firmware. In Simplyfy3D's Machine Control Panel, in the Communication t...

Printing with Morgan Pro

This is a quick guide to get you printing like the pro you are. It assumes you have installed all the Software required Preparing the model You have something to print.  It lives in a CAD, or downloaded from the internet. Make sure you have ...

Smoothieware Morgan arm calibration

Your Morgan system has been calibrated in the factory before shipment.  These calibrations should not be performed routinely, and will remain valid in normal circumstances, but routine checks can be valuable to keep your machine in top condition. Should ...

Smoothieware Z Calibration

The move of Morgan controller firmware to Smoothieware brought with it a couple of advantages.  One of the most handy, the automated Z grid. NOTE: The multipoint Z grid is stored on the SD card, and only needs to be performed if something changed, l...

In print Z adjustment

In the firmware update of 23 April 2016 we added a brand new feature: In print Z adjustment! It is very simple to use:  This assumes the normal Z calibration has been completed recently and nothing major has happened to that calibration Start ...

Software setup

Setting up your PC for 3D printing can be daunting to the novice user.  Here is a quick setup guide to help get you going. Bundled software:  Install Simplify3D During initial setup, select Morgan Pro or Morgan Mega from the list of machines a...

Morgan World Map

Put your Morgan on the map!  Comment with your address (or town only) and the state of your morgan.
Philanthropy and Open Hardware

Philanthropy and Open Hardware

In 2013 RepRap Morgan won the Uplift interim prize for Personal Manufacturing. Uplift Prize This page is a record of the impact... Morgan was born in  a small study/workshop/3d print cave measuring 3x2,5m Space ...


Here you can find the Technical Specification of our current Morgan products: Morgan Pro 2 Morgan Mega

Reprap Morgan assembly instructions

There is an updated visual instruction coming to a RepRap Magazine near you soon...  Very nice work by Paulo. Download it now, and Donate to the cause! Reprap Morgan BOM   RepRAP Morgan is designed ...

SA 3D Suppliers list

To build a good 3D printer, you need a list of good and affordable suppliers. This list is free advertisement for those suppliers that make it easy for me to support them (Think ease, price, availability, free samples etc.) Micro Robotics


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Status Lights

The status of your machine can be derived from the status LED buttons. Red: Reset button Fast blink: Ready Slow blink: File operations: do not interrupt.  This can be mounting the SD card (if enabled) or writing files to the card. Static ...


Why you would rather get a Morgan...


You have reached the springboard of our Online Support. If you need help with the Software set-up, go here If you need to check your Z calibration, here Need help getting your first print, here We are working on some guides, including ...

Technical Specification Morgan Mega

GENERAL INFORMATION Print Head: Single extrusion Print Head temperature: Up to 245°C /473°F Maximum Build Volume: 720 mm x 450mm x 600 mm Layer Thickness: 100 microns | 0.1 mm (high-quality print) 200 microns | 0.2 mm (medium pr...

Technical Specifications Morgan Pro

GENERAL INFORMATION Print Head: Single extrusion Print Head temperature: Up to 245°C /473°F Maximum Build Volume: 380 mm x 220mm x 200 mm Layer Thickness: 70 microns | 0.07 mm (High Quality) 200 microns | 0.2 mm (medium p...

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Robotic 3D prototypers manufactured in South Africa

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