8 thoughts on “Reprap Morgan Source”

  1. I was wondering if anyone has attempted to build a Morgan wally combination using only one arm. To try and explain better, the shoulder of the Morgan, so the original first section of the arm, and the forarm of the wally driving threw the elbow.

    1. I am planning something similar with the new Lilian Morgan concept. I am still in the planning phase, but will blog it’s development.

    1. I do not send overseas just yet. Shipping to and from South-Africa is a bit expensive, but I am looking at options to get it done in next year for those that can afford it…

      12mm version: Good idea. I will add it as an option.

      1. Hi Quentin,
        I am just checking if you are shipping to overseas yet? I see the 12mm version is an available option now.


  2. Hi.
    I need new drivewheels, because those I have atm are scew and I can’t find the Parts button for “Click on the Parts button to the left. It will get you the parts you want…”. Please let me know where I can print them or buy them.
    Thanks Gerdus.

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