RepRap Morgan Pro

Fully assembled and calibrated RepRap Morgan, Speedy electronics – running Smoothieware, 1.75mm filament extruder.



  • You can now order your fully assembled and calibrated Morgan Pro from

Thomas Pro is hand assembled, and fully calibrated. It is delivered fully tested and run in to assure proper operation.
We manufacture using machined Aluminium and Stainless Steel, Lasercut Acrylic and PLA printed parts.

These machines are designed and built to impress:
Build quality
Accurate printing
Reliable operation

Speedyboard: 32bit ARM architecture system controller board ensure smooth operation.  Smoothy firmware is in active development, and ensures cutting edge features such as:

  • Automatic bed probe adjustment
  • Full open source software compatibility.

All of the PLA parts used to manufacture our machines have been printed in house.



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