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Morgan in the Wild!

Yes!  The source is finally released!   Get it here:

The complete BOM and initial build instructions will go live in the next days…

In the mean time you can start printing: The printed BOM is as follows:

  • 4x 01
  • 4x 02
  • 1x 03
  • 1x 04
  • 1x 05
  • 1x 06
  • 1x 07
  • 1x 08
  • 1x 09
  • 1x 10
  • 1x 11
  • 1x 12
  • 2x 13
  • 3x 15
  • 1x 16
  • 1x 17
  • 1x 18
  • 1x 19
  • 1x 20
  • 1x 21
  • 2x 22 (If you use the Alpen SDS drill bit leadscrew only)
  • 1x 23
  • 2x cap_2
  • 1x of each of the Ecktruder parts
  • 1x thumb_knob
  • 2x tightening cone


5 thoughts on “Morgan in the Wild!

  1. Thank you for your contributions to the 3D printing community! I’m personally waiting a month or so before I scrap my Prusa i2 and build a Morgan, but I will be printing a set of these parts for someone else on my Replicator this week, I’ll report back on any problems I find.

    1. Hi Cassetti, I leaving in Maryland, if you could print the plastic parts for me please leave a notice

  2. great job man, wondering what mods to marlin i might need 2 do 2 get it rollin’
    or, r u gonna add a new firmware folder on github later?

    1. Its been there for a while already. Check out qharley/Marlin

  3. Hey, I met you this evening at H4hack. Please send me an email so that I can have your details. I forgot to take it! Great work with the Morgan! It’s really well done!

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