Software setup

Setting up your PC for 3D printing can be daunting to the novice user.  Here is a quick setup guide to help get you going.

Bundled software:
  1.  Install Simplify3D
  2. During initial setup, select Morgan Pro or Morgan Mega from the list of machines available.
  3. Install the latest Morgan Profiles: always available here
Open Source alternative:
  1. Install a slicer:  There are many good slicing software out there.  I use Cura and Slic3r, with Cura 15.04 recommended for starting out – Note that the latest versions of Cura are made for Ultimaker only.  Make sure to get the 15.04 version.
  2. Set up your printer settings: Cura Setup – Morgan Pro-2014-11-14_15.30.17
  3. Load the printing profile into Cura by going to the menu: File-> Open Profile.  The settings are particularly important for the startup Gcode.  Download here:  Morgan_CuraSettings
  4. Although it is possible to print from Cura, I would recommend using a control interface like Pronterface:  On the following link, scroll down for the link to the software for your operating system:

If you are using Windows as an operating system, chances are that you need a driver:

  1. (Commercial Morgans): For Smoothieware compatible boards (Smoothieboard, AZteeg X5, Speedyboard) please install the smoothieboard driver:
  2. For Arduino based electronics (RAMPS, etc)  Please install the Arduino drivers recommended by the electronics supplier


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