Software setup

Setting up your PC for 3D printing can be daunting to the novice user.  Here is a quick setup guide to help get you going.

Bundled software:
  1.  Install Simplify3D
  2. (coming soon) – During initial setup, select Morgan Pro or Morgan Mega from the list of machines available.
  3. The latest Morgan Profiles are always available here
  4. To import this profile for your Morgan printer please go to File–>Import FFF Profile then from there, click “Edit Process Settings” and select the profile.


    From here, you would want to click Edit Process Settings and then click the Profile option to then select the Morgan profile you’ve just imported.

Open Source alternative:
  1. Install a slicer:  There are many good slicing software out there.  I use Cura and Slic3r, with Cura 15.04 recommended for starting out – Note that the latest versions of Cura are made for Ultimaker only.  Make sure to get the 15.04 version.
  2. Set up your printer settings: Cura Setup – Morgan Pro-2014-11-14_15.30.17
  3. Load the printing profile into Cura by going to the menu: File-> Open Profile.  The settings are particularly important for the startup Gcode.  Download here:  Morgan_CuraSettings
  4. Although it is possible to print from Cura, I would recommend using a control interface like Pronterface:  On the following link, scroll down for the link to the software for your operating system:

If you are using Windows as an operating system, chances are that you need a driver:

  1. (Commercial Morgans): For Smoothieware compatible boards (Smoothieboard, AZteeg X5, Speedyboard) please install the smoothieboard driver:
  2. For Arduino based electronics (RAMPS, etc)  Please install the Arduino drivers recommended by the electronics supplier


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