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    Hello everyone

    It’s my first intervention in this forum, although I’ve been following for months, since I’m assembling a repstrap morgan, they made basically in laser cut MDF. I will do a post with some pictures later.

    I wanted to share with you a problem I was having when trying to configure the firmware marlin ( in arduino + RAMPS 1.4.

    I had managed to set up the operation of arduino + ramps + steppers + endstops using sprinter as firmware, but when I was installing the marlin, the Arduino board began to overheat, and finally crashed.

    Checking the file Pins.h, I think I found the problem: the ramps configuration that I have (MOTHERBOARD == 34) defines Y_MAX_PIN and TEMP_1_PIN with the same pin (15). I solved it by changing the TEMP_1_PIN to -1.

    IDK if anyone did happened that, but I share this for the record.

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