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    Quentin Harley

    Questions moved from comments

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    Quentin Harley

    Connecting the endstops depend on the model of hall effect endstops you ordered.

    A1101 (the one we use in the factory) is wired
    1) VCC (5V)
    2) GND (0V)
    3) Vout (Signal)


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    Magnets. Where do they go?
    I was putting the belts on and was trying to use a slot on the backside. While placing it I began to think about where the magnets go.
    With the theta and psi arms in the middle, at what position do the magnets go. Based on the endstops on the rods, I assume there’s some specific placement requirements. If you could describe the specific placement would help.

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    could not find the video about end stops link broken 404 error ???

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    ok got the magnets in…the home position is on the right point B
    homes ok from any position
    will use bigger magnet for z sometimes not actuated not sure why??
    what next did load the SD card but cannot see my test stl file ???
    must the home position or any other requirments be active to read the stl on the card ???

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    has any one a diagram of the mechanical setting
    position of arms relative to magnets I have now changed the belts and cannot any longer get a home position ( right bottom of the half moon plate)
    if i understood well were the home is ?

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