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    Hi quentin
    i have a problems whith the motors. Z axis move when i move x and y, for example i put g1 x100 y100 and the bed start to up and down quickly, stops, and then the x and y moves. is the same thing when i was printing. Other thing is the motors dont move fluidly, stop and start rapidly like vibrating specially when it move fast.
    Other thing is i cant calibrate the z axis.i follow the flowchart but when i used M371, the bed up, but when i tried to move to the top i cant, is not moving, i can move only 20 mm to the top, if i use M371 again the bed downs to home and up to the original position.
    How can i move X and Y without the z?
    Thanks for the time

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    Quentin Harley

    If you have configured Morgan correctly, with Marlin firmware the bed should make a small jump as it gets into the z compensation area. This is normal. If the compensation grid is incorrectly set you might get issues like you describe with the bed moving a lot when XY gets into the compensation area.

    To clear the grid, run M370 and then M373 and M500
    Now you can start fresh.

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    Quentin Harley

    If I could recommend an upgrade, look at getting a smoothieboard or clone that can run smoothieware.
    The Morgan experience on Smoothieware is worth the extra expense. Every penny.

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