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Build progress

It is now becoming unbearable…  My whole study is filling up with bits and pieces that I built / collected / hacked out of old stuff / bought etc.  Morgan is in its last trimester!

Tomorrow night I will (hopefully) get my LM8UU bearings and two 50cm smooth rods for the Z-axis.

In the mean time, I’m hacking my pololu drivers: the micro stepping mode is not enabled, and to get that working I need to replace the ROSC resistor with a short to ground.  The little 0604 links are 7c each… won’t break the bank.  If I did not make the step-sticks yet I might have added a solder-bridge on the step-stick in order to program it with a soldering iron in stead of messing about with little specks of 0 ohm resistors.

Exiting times…

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