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Well, a new year has come, the Mayans were wrong (what did you expect) and I am back at work.

2012 brought us “The Plan”, the Electronics, the firmware, the loaner, and the frame.

2013 is the birthyear of Morgan.  There are a couple of challenges remaining, not least of which would be the custom firmware for the Morgan’s SCARA configuration.

I hate to be a tease, but things are really starting to shape up.  Source files will be made available one week after the first successful print (regardless of quality).

More soon

2 thoughts on “2013

  1. Brilliant… looks good with the bed… So, with the hotend arriving as well, what is still left on the mechanicals?


    1. Well, mainly I need to be home long enough to continue working on the frame…

      Small stability issue one the z-movement, but I have some ideas.

      More info as I have it!

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